Simple as that!

Simple as that!

The secret, the evidence suggests, is that listening to music is an active process: We’re making the music in our heads as the sounds play our brains.


Você sai pra passear de canoa com sua amiga e encontra isso. Achei foda. 

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.
Federico Fellini (via theonlymagicleftisart)

Simply Great!


Book Hive by Rusty Squid

About the project:

Book Hive is an interactive sculpture created to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Bristol Libraries, and it will ultimately feature 400 animatronic books. Large wooden structures awash with honey light will engulf visitors in an immersive and atmospheric environment, where life-like animated books, inhabiting the cells will physically engage visitors, reacting to their movements in the space. Book Hive is a three month project, where the public gets the opportunity to influence its development. Rusty Squid will observe the public’s behaviour, and with the assistance of the Book Hive Keepers (exhibition stewards), collect feedback, in order to transform the shape of the hive and the way that the books respond. This evolution will take place over two months, between December and February, with the full 400 books installed by 7th February 2014.

Book Hive is a vivid response to the impact digital culture has had on the work of public libraries and the human relationship with the physical book. The hive is a metaphor for the power of libraries. Digitalisation has made engagement and interaction with books an isolated pursuit, requiring only a remote connection. By contrast, libraries bring people in to a physical collective space, where you are no longer in control of the breadth of material you are exposed to, nor the people with whom you share the space. As in any swarm in nature, if you remove an individual, it is very simple and limited, but as part of the swarm, can become part of a much more complex and powerful organism. For Rusty Squid, libraries are a powerful metaphor for the swarms/hives in nature – Book Hive reflects and embodies this power.

You can learn more about it and see it in motion in this video:

Via explore-blog:

On the heels of culling history’s finest meditations on the nature of creativity, PBS Off Book turns to those of the present: We see a neuroscientist testing Graham Wallace’s seminal 1926 theory of the four stages of creativity; we get a reminder that everything is a remix and nothing is truly original; we hear the mandatory mention of artist Chuck Close’s by-now famous maxim, “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.”

So, wait, all of these “new” ideas about how creativity works actually came from the past? But then again, that’s precisely the point Kirby Ferguson makes in the video – so there we have it.

Video profile of Hillman Curtis.

Interaction and Motion Design
Hillman Curtis (1961-2012) is this chapter’s profile because he excelled in both interaction and motion design. I also asked Curtis to help create twelve short design films as an online extension to Guide to Graphic Design. Curtis’s own interview (as one of the twelve) became his epitaph – he died of cancer soon after. I didn’t know the severity of his condition – he never complained, never let on, and never allowed his suffering to get in the way of creating what he loved doing.

Profile video of graphic designer Paul Sahre.

Do I dare disturb the Universe? 

Cool does not make good work. Hard work makes good work. (…)

Have fun
If you’re not having fun doing what you’re doing don’t spend thousands on therapy to figure it out. Take a risk and follow another path. The time you have now is precious. Use it wisely.


Joe Hanson examines the sciences of what it is about music that makes us feel all those feelings. Pair with 7 essential books about music, emotion, and the brain.

It was a delightful letter from you, Mr. Ray Harryhausen, thanking me for my “enthusiastic and kind letter” delivered to you while in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe. That letter is a precious treasure that I kept framed for so many years, like my dream of doing animation. Now, after I finally decided to take action and invest my future in animation by doing a PhD research on it, that letter travelled with me to remember me constantly why am I here. I am trying to live the dream inspired by your films, as you were once inspired by King Kong. That changed it all…

That’s it!!

That’s it!!